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Become our partner and earn great commissions for every recommendation you give us.

Become a Partner

  • If someone is looking for services that we provide like web design and development, digital marketing, e-commerce, etc. you can forward us their details by email or you can fill the form below.
  • After getting the details we will get in touch with them for their requirements.
  • After the project is finalized and payment is made from the client you referred to, we will be providing you with a 20% commission fee in the next 10-15 days.
  • If the payment agreement is done in installments we will pay you the commission as our payment comes.


  • You partner with one of the most trusted, and largest service providers.
  • The commission starts at 20 % but it can go as far as 30%.
  • No minimum sales, deal size or commitments required.
  • You can recommend unlimited clients.


  • The commission is only valid on successful referral.
  • The referral program will not apply to the services you require from us.
  • If due to any circumstances the deal is not successful causing us to return and refund the sale, you are liable to return the commission to us.
  • The program only works for the service we provide. They are listed on our website.
  • These terms should strictly be followed to avoid any fake referrals.
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