How To Re-Open Your Business Online Amid COVID-19

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How To Re-Open Your Business Online Amid COVID-19

As customer behaviour has shifted and technology has evolved, developing a digital marketing plan for your company has increased in significance over the years.

Today, company owners face unprecedented obstacles more than ever before. The COVID-19 pandemic and its aftermath will continue to trigger significant disruptions to companies around the world, and forever alter consumer purchasing behaviour.

It’s in these moments of uncertainty and rapid change when a digital marketing strategy is vital. In the aftermath of this pandemic, there will be businesses that are ready for the rebound and ones that don’t embrace the opportunity to adapt. We believe that investing your resources and energies in developing a digital marketing plan that can now help your company and prepare you for potential growth is a crucial period.

To the business owners out there, here are just a couple of things you should consider when it comes to your digital marketing strategy. We know the stakes for you and your business couldn’t be higher.

Re-opening in a New Normal

Now that you are able to reopen, it’s time to announce your reopening. The work you’ve done to answer the above questions will benefit you greatly in this exercise, as you’ll want to refer to that knowledge as you update your online presence and plan to make your big announcement about reopening.

Upgrade your website

You would want to update your website with all the details you’ve gathered about your new standard procedures before making any major announcements. When you launch, your customers will have a lot of questions and they will appreciate that you will guide them to your website, which will already have plenty of useful information.

A connect to more information about your improved customer experience and reopening

Specifically add a tab to your site for details about your reopening. Separate it into pieces so that consumers can work more quickly. Some of the parts that you’ll want to consider incorporating are:

  • Safe precautions
  • Customer experience
  • Tools to detach people from society
  • Interrogations often questioned

On your reopening procedures tab, take users step by step through the whole customer experience. Show them that you thought this all out and are prepared to represent them, comfortably. If you are asking customers to carry their own safety devices, such as face masks, be sure to express this up front so when someone comes to patronise your business there are no surprises.

Tell audience your reopening on social media or through email

Your social media updates should concentrate on the same priority messages as your newsletter, but should be more concise, to-the-point, and concentrate more on bringing people to your web.

Be prepared to get people interested in the comments and ask questions. Respond quickly and succinct to their questions. If your reopening planning document does not already answer their questions, put certain questions in so that you can check your responses later. You may also want to consider adding certain questions to your website’s reopening tab, should anyone have the same concerns.

How did your business adapt and evolve during COVID-19

To grow their customer base, most local businesses rely on foot traffic and word-of – mouth referrals, which is why COVID-19 has been so detrimental to their profits over the past few weeks. Although the future is uncertain, it can make you visible to more customers and build lasting loyalty by adapting a smart and sensitive strategy which helps you to communicate timely and effectively.

As we manage the situation, helping one another and learning and growing together is vital for the small business community.

As we propel towards the new normal and come out of it stronger, the team at Thevisiontech provides support by online marketing activities and advice. You can reach out to us for more information.