Can’t Get Into Top 2 Pages in Google: Discover These Unexplored SEO Strategies

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Can’t Get Into Top 2 Pages in Google: Discover These Unexplored SEO Strategies

Google published an updated search engine optimization strategy at the height of the pandemic that a lot of webmasters may have considered inappropriately timed. Many are describing the May 2020 core update as the biggest upgrade of the year and so far many websites have fallen victim to this change. 

This update saw plenty of uncertainty for several websites with the ranking going up and down. Google had said it would take a few weeks to settle so there shouldn’t be any surprises. Many updates require some time to settle.

Refresh old content on your website-show skills in real life

Google’s always had a huge problem with content. Sites with appropriate content and a backlink strategy will be awarded which is trustworthy and truthful. It ‘s crucial that you periodically refresh your content which optimizes your search engine strategy.

This doesn’t mean you’re going to churn out material every day. If you have real-life experience on the subject that the content deals with, then do whatever you can in your content to show that. If not, recruit the best expert to produce content which is applicable to searchers’ queries. Also, share your real-life experiences with your customers in the form of an article or invite them to comment just below the content you publish.

Local Search

A startling move to be at the top by a search engine optimization strategy was seen by aggregator sites and other similar sites that provide links to local businesses. This is possibly part of Google’s effort to make sure users find exactly what they’re searching for (in this case it may be the intention of the user to try and figure out which one to choose from). If a person is searching for a lawyer or real estate agent, they have a greater chance of finding what they want from such sites compared to having a single law firm or agent shown to them.

Local searches tend to have been merged into the organic search and this is why these pages have seen better rankings.


With this update, we can note that Google focuses heavily on the ‘most important or best response’ for the question the searcher is searching for. This update, in other words, aims at getting users what they want without any hesitation or obstruction.

Site Speed

Sites who took the time to increase their loading speed on their website saw the advantages of doing so as they saw a rise in their ranking while those that seemed to disregard this common SEO practise saw a decline. Getting so many photos and videos on the web has led to slower loading speed and that has influenced their rating.


This update of digital marketing transformation also appeared to be attempting to improve user experience. For that reason, more open sites have seen a rise in rank. It is smart for users to conveniently find what they want. It should be easy to navigate through it no matter what computer they use to access your site.

What Do You Do?

Did you ever note a decline in traffic to your website after the update? If so, then you would need to do some work. However, the first move will be to integrate a backlink strategy and review the page metrics and see which individual pages were impacted by the traffic drop and make changes easier. You need to know the places that rank well for your keywords right now, and analyse their content among other things.

Wrapping Up

The update timing for a digital marketing transformation may have played a role in deciding which industries reported less traffic to their pages. It is likely that certain sites will recover their place in the SERP even without doing something, until the situation improves and people resume their usual operation. It’s best not to rush the sites and make drastic adjustments based on early findings.