Create a Flawless Online Store – 5 Free Tools Trusted by the Experts


Create a Flawless Online Store – 5 Free Tools Trusted by the Experts

More people than ever before are choosing to shop online. Whether they’re looking for the products they need or just those they want, e-commerce is at an all-time high. There’s never been a better opportunity to create your own web store. Of course, you’re going to have some stiff competition. You’ll need to create a virtual storefront that is both attractive and functional if you want to stand out. Keep reading to learn about 5 free tools that will make opening a flawless online store a snap.

Choose the right host: WooCommerce on WordPress


Your first step to building an incredible online store is to choose the right host. You need a platform that’s reliable, trustworthy, and allows plenty of customization. WordPress is one such host.

This global brand continues to thrive because WordPress’s tools and features are constantly updated. You’ll also gain access to the WooCommerce plugin. Add it to your online store with just a couple of clicks to start building. It offers secure payments, inventory management tools, customizable shipping options, and anything else you may need.

Make your store recognizable with LogoCreator

It’s important for your online store to be easily identified. Every successful shop or site has a logo that customers can recognize in an instant. You can use your logo in a handful of ways. It’s the ideal image for any social media account profiles pertaining to your business. It can also be added as a watermark on images or used for your URL icon

This important part of your branding can be handled by LogoCreator. You can choose from 10,000+ templates or create your own, with a variety of colors, fonts, shapes, and backgrounds.

Post quality pictures when you edit in Canva

A picture says a thousand words, so make sure your pictures are saying the right thing. As an online store, customers can only judge your products by the images you post. This calls for you to rely on expert-level editing. Canva is a design tool that can help you fine-tune how every item in your inventory appears online. You can also use it to create engaging social media posts when you release new products. There are templates and easy tutorials, along with feature for filtering, brightening, and otherwise adjusting each image.

Keep in touch with Sumo

There are many factors to a successful web store. One that you shouldn’t forget is excellent customer service. Make sure to embed a tool that lets you collect email addresses in seconds. After all, customer service isn’t just about handling issues after they arise – it’s about offering solutions your clients didn’t even know existed.

A free email capture like Sumo can easily fill that need. Existing and potential customers can drop their email in at any point. You can then follow up by offering coupons, inviting shoppers to sign up for an account, or announcing new products.

Know where you stand through Google Analytics

To gain customers, you’re bound to share your web store across multiple platforms. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email, a personal blog – your clients can come from anywhere. Make sure you add Google Analytics to your web store. This free tool tracks where your web traffic is coming from.

You could use this to see if they clicked a link on a social media site or found you through Google Search. It even tells you which products people spend the most time looking at. Don’t miss out on your chance to set up a polished, professional online store. These free tools make getting started as user-friendly as possible, allowing you to deliver the best results to your customers.